My first gig was at the Oldskool club in Tampere, and it was 14th November 2014. The occasion was my friend Maria’s birthday and there were a couple of tens of people in the audience. I came to the place several hours before, since we did the soundchecks with the other band that was also performing there. Maria got us food and booze.

When the actual time for performing came, I really enjoyed it. The audience was really close and intimate. As few of them were goths they may have enjoyed the gloomy sounds of the evening.

After the soundcheck I was in a cigarette room with about ten people, when one woman came to me and said that ”you sound like as if you’re from Twin Peaks”, whereupon I answered that ”yea, my songs are quite depressed tonight and it goes well with my mood”.


Prelude to Shower B

Black Horse Badge

Luka (Suzanne Vega cover)

Disassociative (Marilyn Manson cover)

In the Shadow of the Valley of Death (Marilyn Manson cover)

You can listen the last MM cover, as studio version, here or above:



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