Making of Shower Power: Writing

I’m going to tell a bit about the history of Shower Power. There will be stories of it’s final production and video making later on, but I’ll start with the writing part. Shower Power is actually an old song and the other working title was Stupid Boys. I dropped that one out only until before the music video was published on Youtube.
I wrote lyrics to the song in summer 2011. It was a short relationship we had. I had known the guy from somewhere before, but then I met him at a bar again and he invited me to his home. He was also making music and was a nice person. We just didn’t have any chemistry in bed and I think he was a bit scared of me. I don’t know why.
When I was home alone I felt an urge to writing. I liked the guy a lot but it was not working out. I needed to put my energy that was left into music. After putting words into paper I played melodies with my instruments. The idea of the whole song came quickly. Demo was recorded and I felt long after that that I couldn’t change even a bit of the song.
So I didn’t make any changes to it. In 2014 I recorded new vocals and made a new mix. After those changes it sounded better, but no part in the original idea was touched. In 2017 I finished it and gave it to hands of other people. The finishing process was very long and demanding: there were so many small parts that needed to fit.



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