Making of Shower Power: Final production

I have written a story of making of my first single Shower Power, part 1, earlier. Now it’s time to continue that and tell about final production of the single. So this is going to be part 2 of the story.
So, in summer 2017 I finished the writing process of the song and gave it to hands of other people. In Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, there was a mixing engineer called Aki Sihvonen who was going to do the mix. We exchanged a few emails. He was very fast and soon he had done the first mix and gave it to me so I could listen to it. After that he did an other version of it. I was more pleased with the second version.
We decided that the final version of the mix would be this second version. Now the track was ready for next working phase. Mika Jussila from the same studios would do the mastering process. It was very fast, too. Mika then sent me the final track which now plays on Spotify and worldwide, too.
Music video and the song had been playing on Youtube half a year before the song was available in online stores and music streaming services. Shower Power was my first single released and the release day was January 12, 2018. From summer to winter, we had to wait for it a little bit.
Some trouble came into way in summer 2017. Soon after the music video was on Youtube, a hate campaign was launched at me. Seemed like not everyone was happy with showing the new music video. By the great joy of having the video online I had to also see a bunch of negative comments about me. There were some people from my town behind the campaign. I didn’t take any of those comments personally, but I was kind of thankful for them. That’s usually a point when you have reached a certain level. When you manage to piss off your haters in small circles, you know you have done something right.

Part 3 will be coming…




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