Our case, crc 98/2019

I had to complain to the United Nations’ Committee on the Rights of the Child because of how my child was treated here in Finland. It doesn’t relate to my music a lot, it’s more like a private life matter to me. But I am telling about it, because the whole issue is so serious and it affects my whole life. My child is in danger of death, that’s the core.

You can read about what happened, from the UN decision nro. CRC 98/2019 and other documents relating to that, in more detail. I will mainly refer to those public documents, because I’ve been persecuted if I have told something about the case although there are no secrets since it’s all public. Different parties have tried to make my life more difficult. Like they use to do for human rights activists.

The father of my child harassed me and abused my child to some extent all through the years after we separated from my initiative. The violence got a lot more worse in 2016-2017. The father used to throw the child against a wall and to squeeze him from his shoulders. It was so usual that we talked about it with my son in our daily life. I remember seeing bruises on his shoulders many times, four large dots in a row, like marks from a man’s fingers. The father also neglected the child mentally, and the child was crying that a lot.

But despite the situation, how it was, they turned it against me eventually. It was because of the father’s violence against me. He blamed me for his own deeds and went to say that to the officials. I was the protective mother all the time, but I got blamed. I think this is not so a rare course of events that sometimes happens. It tells a lot about how domestic violence is dismissed and handled in Finland’s authorities and courts. That’s why, I believe, the UN also took my complaint to be investigated to their two stages. That was so much, that it was started to talk about human rights. You just can’t make the victim the guilty one, like, you just can’t say that somebody who’s been tried to kill would have suddenly been the one who has tried to kill.

So we faced several miscarriages of justice, both me and the child. The police didn’t investigate any of the cases where the father or his family had done something bad to us. I tried to seek help from many other places, but no one helped. The father succeeded to make it so difficult, as he was let to tell his own truth in between. The officials wanted to believe what he said instead of our actual need for help.

As a result , because the child was left to live with his violent father by a decision made by wrong facts, the child has faced many crises. The violence against him started to show. He got so ill, that he couldn’t go to school normally anymore. He had lots of fits of rage and threatened to rape, or kill himself and the other people in school. The officials themselves reported him having anxiety attacks, sleeplessness, states of unconsciousness and tics. But they kept on keeping him with his violent father. Why? I have been asking that question since 2019 when that happened.

I graduated as Master of Arts in July 2019. A Finnish newspaper Keskisuomalainen wrote an article about me also then, because I was going to throw a gig in Jyväskylä which is located in Keski-Suomi, Middle Finland. In their article they mentioned my graduation, but I haven’t talked a lot about that otherwise either. Immediately after the graduation I started to write the complaint to the United Nations.

I’m glad that my studies prepared me well to such a process as to write to the UN. I didn’t have a lawyer in that work. I wrote the 50 pages long complaint and sent it with it’s hundreds of pages annexes in July 2019. Later on that year the UN asked me some additional information about the case, and I wrote tens of pages more. I also started a huge translation work of hundreds of pages of different decisions and other documents at the end of the year 2019. I translated those documents from Finnish to English during the winter 2019 – spring 2020. My child is so important to me, that I didn’t think twice. I had no other option than to do that.

Instead I would have liked to concentrate on my music stuff. But the whole UN process has taken so much time from it. No one wants that their child, or their family, or that they themselves would go to a catastrophe like this.